Spotify Podcast Consumption Doubles As Overall Listening Recovers

Spotify reported enormous modifications in listening habits as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In-car listening remains significantly less than it had been by example, before the pandemic, though it was increasing.

Spotify stated that Europe and Asia, where the virus’s That the number of monthly consumers listening to podcasts, saw the amount of content. However, a small increase from 19 to 21 percent they’re consuming more than doubled.

Spotify was making significant investments to podcasts and announced back in May that Joe Rogan’s podcast will become a Spotify exclusive in September, also rolled out support for video podcasts before this month.

The business wrote speaking to the modifications in the morning patterns it saw as people spent more time in the home.

It reported that the restoration was most emphatic in areas. Spotify also said that overall podcast consumption has more than doubled. Spotify stated its own podcast business is continuing to expand.

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