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Pandora Wants You To Talk To Its Ads

By Alvin Humerez / August 18, 2020

Expanding on its voice control features today with a beta launch of voice-activated advertisements, after initially testing the past feature year. Interactive On top of this attribute, Pandora is upgrading its Voice Mode. The idea is that Individuals can engage with advertisements. Interactive voice ads appear to be a thing the Business Telephone in a […]


Microsoft Cortana Is Shutting Down On Multiple Devices

By Alvin Humerez / August 15, 2020

Owners of the first Surface Headphones (who’ll even see their Cortana experience eliminated ) are also being provided with a $25 gift card to compensate for the missing support. These modifications continue to be a couple of months off. However, it marks another enormous step for Microsoft in pivoting Cortana from a Google Assistant or […]


AMD New Patent Is An Awkward Copy Of Intel Lakefield Architecture

By Alvin Humerez / August 12, 2020

The Lakefield architecture of intel does roughly the same thing. Various architectures are optimized for different purposes. In this case, AMD wants to create a more power-efficient laptop CPU/APU without sacrificing features. A brand new patent filed by AMD suggests they’re considering following Intel and Arm down the hybrid calculating path. The octa-core chips used […]


Toshiba Just Quit The PC Business

By Alvin Humerez / August 10, 2020

Toshiba was the first company to deliver a laptop PC to the market in 1985, known as the T1100. Today, decades later, the company that played an essential role in cellular computing is currently leaving behind the PC business. Sharp, which operates under the Foxconn conglomerate umbrella, would use the majority stake as a foothold. […]