Microsoft Might Want Its TikTok Deal To Cover The Whole World

Splitting the app off from ByteDance might take far longer than that, though, with one person notification FT it might take as many as eight years.

Deadline to separate the app and address any security TikTok’s existence in the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

It is a complex purchase that could lead to a splintered version of TikTok’s program and surgeries, making the investment a shakier one for Microsoft.

Buying TikTok’s global operations — that reports would not include Douyin, the edition of this app that ByteDance operates in China — will give Microsoft a much stronger position to encourage TikTok.

The program has established — Microsoft is looking at adding a one-year The deal is obviously in its early stages.

It was only last Friday that Trump said that he had been a day away from banning TikTok.

That Microsoft would like to buy all TikTok, not only. It is unclear how severe that expanded interest is.

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