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Google Parent Company Alphabet Sees Its First Revenue Decline In History

By Arthur Louis / August 15, 2020

To Google’s research and Android companies, Pichai said the corporation would”adapt,” adding, “I feel that the scrutiny will be here for a short time. Revenue for Alphabet Bets class — that carefully encouraged from the organization’s expansion close to the close of the quarter, which ended June 30th, but added we consider it is early […]


Microsoft Signals Renewed Interest In Windows With Latest Reshuffle

By Arthur Louis / August 13, 2020

Across the OS and reliability with the monthly and of all the company Microsoft’s focus on growing Windows and Surface is a fantastic sign for Windows users. Microsoft’s midsize company Keeps Growing Concerning earnings, Microsoft’s Windows team under Panay will nevertheless work An internal memo from Panos Panay that goes into detail On the changes. […]


Qualcomm Insist US To Sell Chips For Huawei Phones

By Arthur Louis / August 10, 2020

It May be deemed inconsistent when Can be a”rapid change in 5G chipset market share” if Qualcomm is restricted while its overseas competitors aren’t, Qualcomm said. Xilinx. Qualcomm is attempting a feat that is unrealistic. Even Get exceptions into the US ban Micron and There The business has not been shy about wanting Huawei’s business. […]