Amazon Echo Flex Is Getting A New Smart Clock Accessory

Amazon is expanding its lineup of Echo Flex accessories with a new Smart Clock attachment, which then adheres to the USB port on the base of the intelligent speaker, including a screen to observe the present time or how long is left on a timer.

The downside is the Echo Flex supports one attachment simultaneously, so you won’t have the ability to plug from the clock, in the event that you’ve taken advantage of utilizing your device for a nightlight or movement sensor.

It is worth noting that the Echo Dot provides a much better speaker and frequently goes available for a similar cost.

The wise clock attachment prices $14.99 (exactly the exact same cost as the present motion sensor and nightlight accessories), plus it comes with an integrated detector to automatically adjust the brightness throughout the day.

Just plug it in, and it is going to automatically display the current time and exhibit some timers you place through routine Alexa commands.

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